POWERLINK-Lightning Protection

Powerlink provides professional design, manufacturing and solutions for earthing and lightning protection systems. Providing customers with reliable, safe and sturdy products to solve real-world problems and ensure the best performance of the system required by customers to protect them.
Our lightning protection products have covered many layers, such as pure copper lightning rods, stainless steel lightning rods, and TQYF Advance Pre-Discharge Lingtning Rods. At the same time, it can also provide high-quality lightning protection accessories. Make selection easier and simpler. The products have passed ISO, CE, ROHS and other certifications, and flexible and diversified products can meet the needs of different customers.

With advanced production equipment, professional production technology, and constantly developing newer product categories, we ensure high-quality output of Powerlink products. Experienced technical instructors provide professional services. We support OEM&ODM, you provide questions, we provide solutions and execute, giving you more flexible options, simple - fast - efficient. Choose Powerlink to give you more choices!

Together with Powerlink, we offer you:

· Professional solutions for earthing and lightning protection, Electric power and
· Quality assurance and quantity assurance
· Customized services or joint development of new products
· Free sample to check our quality
· Reduce costs, engineering and technical guidance
· Technical services and training
· After sales service

POWERLINK-Lightning Protection1

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