The role of copper and aluminum terminals

The copper-aluminum terminal is a terminal for power transmission connection, which includes a terminal body made of aluminum. The terminal body has a round tube at one end and a flat plate at the other end. A copper sheet is provided on one side surface of the flat plate portion of the terminal body Layer, the copper sheet layer and the corresponding flat plate part are closely welded and connected into an integrated solder-free structure. The terminal of the utility model is integrally fused and connected with a copper sheet layer on the integral aluminum terminal body, which is reliable in connection, will not fall off, and has high overall strength of the terminal body, and will not collide and break. The brazing material-free structure makes the conduction resistance small and the current passing loss less, which improves the transmission efficiency and the voltage resistance of the transmission and transformation, and only requires a small amount of copper sheet for production, which greatly reduces the consumption of copper and reduces the cost.

Post time: May-28-2020