The role of copper cable lugs tin plating

Tin forms a thin film of tin dioxide in the air to prevent further oxidation, and tin and halogen can also form a similar film. Therefore, it has good corrosion resistance, certain strength and hardness, good formability and easy welding, the tin layer is non-toxic and odorless, can prevent iron from dissolving into the package, and the surface is bright and beautiful

The tin plating of copper terminals can prevent copper from being exposed to the air and being oxidized to form a layer of film-patina. The chemical formula CU2 (OH) 2CO3. The poor conductivity of patina increases resistance. In fact, tin plating is mainly to prevent copper from being oxidized.

Tin plating can effectively prevent copper terminals from being exposed to damp green, and can also prevent copper oxidation / sulfidation from blackening and affecting electrical contact.

Post time: May-28-2020