Quality & Quantity Assurance


Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. Only good quality, advanced equipment, excellent technology and wise leadership can make an enterprise invincible for a long time. Powerlink is proud of quality, which will be reflected in the following four aspects.

Production Equipment: The production activities of an enterprise are inseparable from equipment. Equipment is an important determinant of an enterprise's production efficiency and capabilities. Powerlink has dozens of advanced equipment to ensure production efficiency and capability. Each equipment conforms to the national production standards and can quickly provide the products that customers need.

Certificate: A certificate refers to a credential that indicates (or helps to determine) event, and the data explains everything. Powerlink’s products have classification certificates such as ISO9001; CE; ROHS, TUV.... so on to give customers the most straightforward data to show the quality of the product.

QC Testing: QC is centered on quality and based on the participation of all employees. The purpose is to achieve a long-term success management approach by satisfying customers and benefiting all members of the organization and society. Powerlink provides professional quality inspection members to check the quality of the products. Every time a product is inspected, a photo will be taken for customers' reference. Allow customers to not worry about quality after placing an order.

Support Factory Inspection: In the process of globalization of trade, factory inspection will surely become a gateway for Chinese enterprises to truly integrate with the world, and through continuous development in recent years, factory inspection has gradually been owned and fully faced by factories seeing is believing. is very supportive of customers coming to the factory in person. We will give the highest courtesy to every customer who comes to the factory. We are very confident in the strength of our manufacturers.

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