POWERLINK-Cable Lugs And Connectors

Powerlink is a manufacturer with 10 years of experience in the production of cable lugs and connectors. The products are made of high quality raw materials, good electrical conductivity and easy to install, bringing customers more convenient and safe products. We also provide customers with professional power and energy solutions, quality-oriented, customer-oriented, and meticulous service.

With advanced production equipment, professional production technology, and constantly developing newer product categories, we ensure high-quality output of Powerlink products. Experienced technical instructors provide professional services. We support OEM&ODM, you provide questions, we provide solutions and execute, giving you more flexible options, simple - fast - efficient. Choose Powerlink to give you more choices!

Together with Powerlink, we offer you:

· Professional solutions for earthing and lightning protection, Electric power and systems
· Quality assurance and quantity assurance
· Customized services or joint development of new products
· Free sample to check our quality
· Reduce costs, engineering and technical guidance
· Technical services and training
· After sales service

POWERLINK-Cable Lugs And Connectors1

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