Powerlink achieves a good start in the first month of 2020

Powerlink actively carries out customer service transactions in accordance with the requirements of “quality first, service first”.

We have rectified a series of customer service solutions and insist on achieving low cost with high service quality. Work with customers to create a win-win situation. After a month of operation, we won the trust of our customers in the first month and made a good start in the first month of 2020.

We will continue to improve our service methods and gain recognition from more customers.

Through the team’s hard work day after day and day after day, we have established a good relationship with our customers. We have successfully completed the monthly sales target in advance of the Chinese New Year. Break through 300,000 US dollars about selling the cable lugs, copper lugs, bimetallic cable lugs, copper connector, bimetal connectors etc.
New products and new sales models successfully opened a new starting point for the new year!

Post time: Jan-20-2020